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Phone in Reservation

For faster Response, call us at ​512-789-0841.  

We are always here to answer your phone or text for any questions.  7 days a week from 7:00am-8:00pm

*  Email:  waveinwateraustin@gmail.com

*  We accept all Major Credit Cards or Cash​​

*  If you do not choose to book online, a credit card is required for the purpose of securing your reservation, cancellation policy, or No shows. Your credit card will be fully process 3 days prior to your reservation.  If you choose to pay by cash, we will fully refund your credit card once cash payment has been received.

*Wave in Water guarantee reservation.  All our boats are current model and well maintained.  Should ever our boat not make to your reservation, we will pay you the full amount of your reservation.  We understand that you have plan this way in advance for your special event.

*Cancellation Policy:  A 10 day notice from your reservation time/date is required if you decide to cancel for any reasons.  We need time to rebook your time/date or we reserve the right to fully charge you for your reservation.  Cancellation must be by email and not by phone.  Holidays:  There are "No" cancellations on Holidays or Holiday weekends.  No exceptions.  Please plan carefully.

*Weather Policy:  Heavy rain or Lightning is automatically cancel.  We will notify you.  We will tour if lightning is not in the outcast.  You have the option to tour in the rain.  Light scattered rain will not be considered for cancellation.  7 day forecast will not be considered for cancellation.  Forecast changes daily and we will only accept a 24 hour forecast from the time/date of your reservation as consideration for cancellation. There is no charge if cancellation is determine.  An email will be sent to you as confirmation.  Call or Text us for any concerns.

Refunds:  Any refunds by credit card that we issue will take up to 10 business days before it appears on your account.  

*Customer Satisfaction:  We are 100% dedicated to customer satisfaction.  Your reviews says it all.  If you enjoyed your time with us as we have with you, please write us a review.

Reservation Request

If you would like to reserve with $0 deposit submit this form and we will get back with you within 24 hours.  We will send you a free quote if its available. If you would like to check on any of our boats availability please click on Book Now to see our calendar.  Once reservation is approved, no deposit is necessary $0, but a credit card will be required to reserve. Your Credit card will we process 3 days prior to your reservation.  If you choose to pay with cash, we will refund your credit card once cash payment has been received.

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